Feed Me's sophomore album High Street Creeps is within striking distance, and now we have the single "Feel Love" to feast on in the meantime. In what could be considered the calm before the storm, Feed Me, real name Jon Gooch, opted for a chilled-out first impression on the lead single. 

Vocalist Rosie Doonan joins Feed Me crafting a beautifully ethereal topline complement to the production. Feed Me has never hesitated to channel an array of moods and genres within his work, and "Feel Love" is a clear reminder he could throw anything our way with the advent of his full album.

Feed Me's debut album Calamari Tuesday was released nearly six years ago. Since then, he has also produced a debut album, Caliago, under his alter-alias Spor. With Feed Me's album and returning stage show on the horizon, and a newly announced Ultra Music Festival appearance for Spor, this multi-genre producer is set to make an impact this festival season.  

Stay tuned for Feed Me's second single, "Sleepless," out February 15th.


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