Jon Gooch, known professionally as Feed Me, has been notably absent from EDM as of late. After breaking his silence he's finally followed up his 2013 debut album, Calamari Tuesday, with a ten-track effort titled High Street Creeps. It's safe to say the Feed Me magic isn't gone - but perhaps more importantly, it hasn't grown stale either.

Every producer faces the challenge of keeping their sound current. It's especially difficult for an artist with a following as voracious as that of Gooch to do so without alienating the music lovers responsible for his success. His extended hiatus doesn't appear to have kept him from striking such a balance, because High Street Creeps is the kind of album that results from a tastefully executed creative tightrope walk.

The frenetic style of electro for which Gooch garnered worldwide renown is alive and well his sophomore studio album. Nonetheless, sound design subtleties that hint at the progressive house sound that's grown popular in recent years are evident in songs like "Shimmer" and "Sleepless." 

The song that may divide fans the most is "Feel Love" featuring Rosie Doonan. It's clearly the radio single of the effort, but Gooch could have perhaps made it less obvious as the song's serene, trancey chords contrast sharply with the rest of the tracklist.

The rest of the songs on High Street Creeps on which vocalists are credited bear hallmarks of the Feed Me sound, after all. "Till The Wheels Come Off," "Defiant" and "Pumpkin Eyes" - featuring Graham Fink, Lindsay and Chaney, respectively - each counterbalance their singer's contributions with Gooch's almost 8-bit sound design sensibility and mischievous storytelling style.

The standout single of the album by our measure is "Own Ghost." The song's avant-garde sampling builds upon the Feed Me style without steering it too far into uncharted territory. This is the type of track that a clever DJ could slip into their set to ignite the dance floor - but also to make all the true heads in attendance compulsively open their Shazam app.

The first Feed Me release - a two-tracker titled The Spell / Raw Chicken - arrived by way of deadmau5' mau5trap imprint in 2008. Gooch has put out drum and bass as Spor since 2006, however, and his most recent release under that alias arrived in the form of 2016's Black Eyed EP. His latest endeavor serves as testament to his ability to adapt, evolve, and reinvent himself as an electronic music artist.

High Street Creeps by Feed Me is out now by way of Mau5trap. Stream or download it across platforms here, and find the full tracklist below.

  1. Perfect Blue
  2. Shimmer
  3. Sleepless
  4. Feel Love (feat. Rosie Doonan)
  5. Barrel Roll
  6. Till The Wheels Come Off (feat. Graham Fink)
  7. Satanic Panic
  8. Pumpkin Eyes (feat. Cheney)
  9. Own Ghost
  10. Defiant (feat. Lindsay)

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