Ferry Corsten has a new album arriving in short order under his FERR alias.

The veteran trance producer has been in an exploratory mood recently, and for his next album he will be focusing his efforts towards soundscapes and ambient music. Corsten shared the lead single from the forthcoming album which embraces exactly that. The lead single, “Dark Water,” features Geronimo Snijtsheuvel.

The new FERR album will be titled As Above, So Below and is scheduled to arrive later this month on March 27th. 

Corsten is quite active in his pursuit of side-projects relative to most established producers. He recently announced his intention to perform an event under three distinct aliases, his main project Ferry Corsten, as well as side-projects Gouryella and System F. Fittingly, the event series will be titled What The F.

The last single that arrived by Ferry's FERR side project was "Closer," released in the summer of 2019.


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