FISHER (real name Paul Fisher) has released his latest single, "FREAKS," via his Catch & Release imprint. 

"FREAKS" is usual Fisher fare and something his fans have been craving since his last single, "You Little Beauty," dropped in the middle of 2019. "FREAKS" starts off with a buildup that leads into an intoxicating pre-drop vocal. Listeners are then treated to a minimalistic beat with thoughtfully placed synths and other samples throughout the tune. Undoubtedly, those who enjoyed Fisher's hit, "Losing It,” or any of his Dirtybird releases will certainly be into "FREAKS."

Fisher has come a long way after departing from his previous dance music venture, Cut Snake. The Australian DJ/producer first made waves in 2017 with his tracks "Stop It" and "Ya Kidding." His career exploded the following year, however, as he released his legendary tune, "Losing It,” that eventually landed him a Grammy Awards nomination.