It appears that Flume (real name Harley Edward Streten) is ramping things up on the release front once again. Last week he and Reo Cragun unveiled their joint EP, Quits, and now Streten has used his Lollapalooza performance as a platform to premiere more new music.

During a somewhat surreal set in which Streten brought a series of unexpected props onstage, he was also accompanied by Australian singer/songwriter Vera Blue. The two performed an unreleased song that, based on a repeating lyric, fans speculate will go by the title "Rushing Back."

Following a hiatus from releasing music following his 2017 Skin LP, Streten has proven himself as capable of pushing the EDM envelope as ever. He returned with a mixtape titled Hi This Is Flume that's as hard to categorize as his early releases were before they played no small role in influencing an era of future bass artists.

Streten has yet to reveal a release date for the song apparently titled "Rushing Back" featuring Vera Blue at the time of writing.

H/T: River Beats