A little over a month after the release of his latest single, "Sink Your Teeth In" with DrowsyFlux Pavilion is back with a teaser of his next tune.

Flux took to Twitter to share a video with nothing but wave and speaker emojis and a brief look at what's to come. In the short teaser clip, viewers can hear a portion of a still-unidentified vocalist's tale of heartbreak. Although there's just a little semblance of keys and drums in the snippet, the track seems to have the workings of another one of the dubstep trailblazer's more melodic, vocal-filled classics.

Both "Sink Your Teeth In" and the teased release are rumored to be featured on Flux Pavilion's upcoming album. Earlier in the week, he detailed the record's debut and shared his excitement for his vision coming to life. 

At the time of writing, Flux Pavilion has not confirmed a name or release date for his upcoming single but shared that it's "coming soon." 


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