Who says head-banging music can’t be emotional?

Since 2017, Charles Hayley—the man behind FRQ NCY—has been bent on creating powerful, sinister dubstep that still holds emotional weight through its sound design. Today, April 3rd, 2020, Hayley’s artistic desire for duality has come to fruition in the form of a new EP, Broken Patterns, out via Bassrush Records.

Hayley’s managed to gain a reputation nationwide by touring pretty much every market and quickly developing a sound that turns heads and perks ears. With these latest tracks, Hayley continues his strong releases while delivering the most mature production of his to date.

Earlier this year, FRQ NCY appeared on Bassrush’s The Prophecy compilation with “Rubberband,” an acid-scratch track that represented the more danceable part of his catalog. Today, this tune received its re-release on the EP alongside four other tracks: “Broken Patterns,” “Love and Hate,” “Pins and Needles” and “Wyvern.”

“This EP is very special to me,” said Hayley, who spoke with EDM.com about Broken Patterns earlier in the year. “It has a lot of different vibes and it’s something I’m really proud of because of that. It has a really cool dynamic to it. A lot of dancy tracks, but stuff I feel more emotionally connected to.”

“Broken Patterns” kicks things off by showing just how diverse and complex Hayley’s production can be. The track opens with a twinkling spectrum of synths and pianos, almost distracting the listener from the rising drums. After leading the listener through an awing delivery for the first 50 seconds, Hayley rips through the production field with screeching bass. The simply beautiful arrangements build around the heavy bass moments that make this track feel deeper than your average ‘banger.’

This balance of light and dark continues on “Love and Hate,” before the acid-scratch, heavy material returns for “Pins and Needles” and eventually “Wyvern.” While this project was the “longest” endeavor of Hayley’s career, his hard work and artistic determination have proven well worth the wait.

Stream Broken Patterns here.

FRQ NCY Broken Patterns Artwork


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