James Hazell who goes by his famous moniker “FuntCase” has been on a roll recently. Be it touring, releasing music, streaming on Twitch the man has been doing it all. With recently releasing his remix of Snake by Dead Exit, Forever by Snails Ft. Dion Timmer & KLP & wrapping up his recent American shows, your favorite masked DJ is back to shake your world with DPMO Vol. 2, the compilation that most of you out there have been waiting for! Before we move forward, for those who are not aware, let’s get you fully familiarized with FuntCase’s DPMO initiative!

  • DPMO stands for “Don’t P*ss Me Off,”
  • DPMO is under Circus Records,
  • DPMO is not only limited to music but focuses on Tours & Merchandise as well,
  • With this initiative FuntCase brings forward the tunes he’s feeling from smaller artists about whom, you might not have heard of!

For FuntCase, the name doesn’t carry a weight, a good track is a good track. Now, coming to DPMO Vol. 2, it’s a 22 track compilation from artists of any size from all around the globe. This second iteration compilation contains tracks from Sweet Tooth, Lev3l, Flakzz, FuntCase, Wooli, MVRDA, GANON, SEWS, Aryaxz, Detrace, Jkyl & Hyde, Infekt, Upgrade, Definitive, Ash Dubz, Blankface, BloodThinnerz, Mighty Duck, Subfiltronik, Executioner, Digitist, Dwarv, Boss Mode, Yokaze, Definitive, Dubscribe, Cromatik, Calcium, Neonix & lastly Prayerz! Not only this, but there is also a special mix for you, so you can headbang furiously & continuously!

This list contains names of some of the biggest artists in the game to artists you might have never heard of. This is super exciting as we get to hear what our favourite artists have been up to and discover some people that might possibly get added to our list of artists to watch! Listen to this one heater of a compilation below:

This is what the man himself has to say about the compilation:

Well, there you have it. This is definitely one of THE heaviest compilations we’ve heard in a while! After hearing this we legit can’t wait for DPMO Vol. 3 and everything James has in mind for his project and DPMO. Follow him on socials to stay posted!


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