Greg Jones, known professionally as G Jones, has finally shared Tangential Zones, the five-track EP he has been sneaking into his live sets for quite some time now.  From all of the buzz about the small live previews on social media, we thought we had heard it all, but to our pleasant surprise the best had yet to come.

"Tangential Zones" exists in the same soundscape as his previously released LP, The Ineffable Truth. Opening with "Immortal Life," G Jones starts the EP off on a more energetic note, with bass-filled glitch melodies.  As a master of conquering every emotion in his music, he transitions into "Dark Artifact," "Dream Fatigue," and "See Right Through" - a more sentimental piece than the rest.

Closing with "Drift - Acid Mix," G Jones pays homage to his classic inspirations like Aphex Twin and Amon Tobin while keeping the style of a contemporary tastemaker.

Follow G Jones to keep up with his festival and show schedule to see him on tour or around the U.S. at festivals like Electric Forest 2020, Decadence, and Okeechobee Music Festival. In the meantime, stream or download Tangential Zones here.