G-Rex Showcases Latest Evolution on Fiery Requiem EP via Wakaan

The high-energy trap and bass producer releases his heaviest work to date
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It has been quite the year for Jake Sweeney.

Sweeney — the Detroit-based producer behind the G-Rex project — entered last year as a relative unknown, but became a fixture of the bass scene in September with the release of his PEEKABOO collaboration, “Babatunde." Four months into 2019 the bass-heavy trap act is out to show he is still evolving as a producer, as evidenced on his latest EP, Requiem, out today via Wakaan.

The EP opens with “LADI”, a much-clamored-for track heavily teased by Sweeney on Liquid Stranger's INFINITY tour this spring. Running just over two minutes, G-Rex unleashes perhaps his most fiery, sinister work yet. It also showcases the progression in his dark-edged trap and bass production.

After warning the listener with an escalated drum and vocal procession, the track drops into a meat grinder of bass, sampling in screams, laughs and what appears to be fleeing horses neighing in the background. The production depth is far more complex than on previous G-rex releases, and perhaps why the Detroit DJ is so excited for this new project.

"Really excited to finally get this EP out,” said G-Rex, in a statement. “I feel like this body of work really shows the progression of my sound and is much more aggressive than the last."

G-Rex continues to build on the chaotic soundscape forged in the opener, following up with an equally combustable “ASYLUM.” The track recalls his trap and party rock roots, with bravado-laced vocals leading into slow-paced bass notes. "VOODOO" and "WARNING" wrap up the EP, with the latter track sending listeners off with sirens and low frequency bass.


Requiem shows that G-Rex is anything but a one-trick pony, and lends to the conclusion that a full-length project would be just as insatiable.

Stream or download Requiem by G-Rex across platforms here.


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