Two weeks after the release of Gammer's "The Drop" Remixes Pt. 1, lucky fans are treated with Pt. 2

This time featuring the work of Darren Styles, Dubloadz, Dyro, Fransis Derelle, Gent & Jawns, and JSTJR.

Following suit of the artists who took a crack at the viral hit prior, this round of remixes is just as filthy as the last. 

Darren Styles is off the bat fast-paced hardstyle. Dubloadz has a slower transition into grimy, glitchy scratches. Dyro gives his bouncy edit a go. Fransis Derelle goes full psycho, watch your necks kids. Finally, Gent and Jawns and JSTJR round us out with the trap we needed. 

Overall, "The Drop" Remixes Pt. 2 has something for any fan of the O.G. Gammer edit who needed a little revamp so they didn't feel ridiculous listening to the same song on repeat over and over again.

Check it out here: