Following the release of its lead-off single, "Rufio's Theme," bass music heavyweight GANZ today dropped his full Lost Boys EP. The themed EP not only draws inspiration from Hook and the tales of Peter Pan and The Lost Boys, but also showcases the producer's musical journey from the past to the present, and into the future.

Aside from "Rufio's Theme," "Fairy Dust" and "UGH!" are the undisputed bangers of the ensemble, but none of the melodic elements within the collection of tracks are lost amid the barrage of bass. Those elements are retained throughout the whole EP, and "No Naps" and the title track convey melodic themes that seem nearly cinematic. 

Sitting pretty somewhere between future bass and trap, the Lost Boys EP is essentially a microcosm of GANZ's skill as a technical and forward-thinking producer, illustrating a strong foundation and history while demonstrating the musician's ability to innovate his own sound. His sound is undeniably unique, and the EP is indicative of even more growth and progression that doesn't forget its roots. 

As a whole, Lost Boys is chock-full of impressive production techniques, fine-tuned detail, and catchy, memorable pieces of music that tie in perfectly with one another to create a truly complete body of work. “I like to show people the stuff I’ve learned through the years and to stay true to myself," says GANZ.

The Lost Boys EP is out now via Quality Goods Records. You can stream the project in its entirety here