Trance legend Gareth Emery gave resolution to fans worldwide earlier today by revealing the first song off of his upcoming album. “You’ll Be OK” has been teased in Emery’s sets for nearly a year now, bringing listeners a huge sense of relief to finally have the track in its final, streamable form.

“After over 25 versions and 10 months, ‘You’ll Be OK’ is finished,” Emery explained to fans yesterday in an apologetic Instagram post. Following his last release, “You Are" featuring Emily Vaughn, - which won the cover of Spotify’s Mint playlist - “You’ll Be OK” is nothing short of a trance anthem. The stunning vocals of Annabel bring vibrant life to lyrics written by Emery himself and are carried forward effortlessly by the lush synth chords we have come to know and love from this four-on-the-floor father figure.

With this record dawns a new era in Emery’s career. His upcoming album, The Lasers, will be the first that has not been colored, hindered, or otherwise altered by the agenda of a third-party record label. In Emery’s words, “[There are] no music industry bros telling me how my songs should sound. Just me, making music, for you.”

Stream or Download Gareth Emery's "You'll Be OK" featuring Annabel.

Gareth Emery - You'll Be OK (ALBUM ARTWORK)