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Some CreaturesGetter's brand new 6-track offering, is finally here.

It was immediately evident Getter came to make a statement on this project with the release of "BLOOD HARVEST," which sees the convergence of his distinct production and vocals from his alter alias, Terror Reid. It's the first time we've seen Getter merge these two creative paths and the crossover goes over with smooth execution. 

Getter still leaves plenty of room for wonky synths and bass that will blow the doors off, both on the titular track and its rapid-fire follow up, "With No Eyes." Things take another turn, however, with "From The Dirt," a multi-genre track with grungy bass, rock distortion, and rugged hip-hop hi-hats.

The cut makes for an interesting precursor into "Leap Of Faith," a full-blown foray into heavy metal with screamo-style vocals. Things cool down a bit into the finale with "Why is it Still Raining," a somber hip-hop instrumental splayed with Getter's signature mind-bending ambiance.

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We've heard each of these unique spheres of influence seeded in Getter's discography before, but Some Creature does the work of bringing them all under one roof in a punchy, cohesive project that will stick with listeners long after it's over. Listen to the record in full below.





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