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Over the years, GG Magree has gone through an inspiring transformation from being a topline vocalist to a well-seasoned producer. From collaborations on hit singles with Zeds Dead, Sullivan King, and Kai Wachi to her own fantastic singles, GG Magree has carved out her own path and created a unique sound in the EDM sphere. Now, she's released her debut EP, Dichotomy, a seven-track journey that encompasses years of production mastery and personal growth.

"I feel like I've just found myself," GG shared with in an exclusive statement. "I gave myself room to grow and really think about who I am as an artist. I didn't even know I could sing before I wrote and sang on 'Frontlines' so my whole artist journey has been pretty much me just figuring it out along the way. Learning guitar over Covid definitely impacted my vision and direction. Dichotomy is my baby - my first ever EP, I can't believe it. I'm usually such a pussy when it comes to releasing music and I've never been more proud of this project!" 

GG Magree puts her all into this EP in a stunning and heartfelt fashion. Letting go of fear, she embraces a raw pop-punk aesthetic. With sentimental lyrics, wicked guitars, and punk rock vibes, the EP explores the greater depths of love, life, and the human experience of connecting with others. There's a balance between good and evil and dark and light, and Dichotomy details how both sides can coexist harmoniously. 

Woven together into hard-hitting verses, emotive vocals, and an unrelenting drive that is ripe with grit, Dichotomy scratches all of the boxes when it comes to innovative new music, and it hits hard. While maintaining her signature dark, gritty, punk-rock sound, GG Magree effortlessly blended multiple genres into an EDM EP, creating a unique sound that not only encapsulates multiple scenes but tells a personal story.

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"'BITCH' is my beautiful tragic love story," GG shares in a press statement. "It was inspired by a life experience I had while dating a narcissistic psycho who treated me like shit, so I left him behind and wrote "BITCH." While writing it, I fell in love with my best friend Royal & The Serpent. She was the real relationship that was meant to last."

"Have you ever seen life in black and white? Most can only see in color. I look up at the moon and only feel the sun. The forks in my veins dualize good and evil. Maybe that's why I only cry happy tears. Welcome to my dichotomy." 

GG Magree's debut EP, Dichotomy, is out now via Monstercat. You can check out the full EP here.

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GG Magree 'Dichotomy' EP Artwork




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