Since 2017 Italian duo Giolì & Assia have developed a reputation for their unique sound that perfectly intertwines pop-based melodies with ambient soundscapes and live instrumentation. The duo garnered substantial buzz when they released their live set filmed atop of the Etna Volcano in Sicily, Italy in April of 2019. Amidst a rather heavy week across the global (especially in their native country of Italy), Giolì & Assia just released their latest, “Habibi," on their own emblem, Diesis Records.  

"Habibi" reveals the musical evolution of Giolì & Assia's unique, transglobal flavor of electronic music. A sonic tapestry of sound, the single seamlessly fuses ethereal vocals in various languages, such as Spanish, French and Arabic with elements of Middle Eastern music and fundamental elements of the house music genre. The result strikes the perfect blend between mainstream pop and underground dance music. 

Passionate and spiritually laden, "Habibi" carries deep grooves and emotional resonance. At such a crucial time in history, with its universal appeal "Habibi" helps us remember the world's mutual shared passion for music. As they sold out their U.S. headline tour in 2019 and have already amasswd millions of streams, the future is looking bright for the multi-talented duo. 

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