Let's be honest—no matter how much undying love you and your rave bae have for each other, you fight sometimes despite being closer than peanut butter and jelly. GLD's latest release, "Mad, Cause I'm Right," isn't for the couples that work things out, though. It's for those that are no longer lovebirds.

The track, which arrived by way of Flux Pavilion's Circus Records, has all the makings of a sad boy anthem with heartbreak-themed lyrics, aching future bass chord progressions, and an infectious hook. Mattie, one-half of GLD, vocalizes the all-too familiar-feeling of arguing in circles with your significant other and the heartbreak that ensues. The track's vocals have a unique feel akin to a Juice WRLD ballad, tugging at the heartstrings of listeners.

"Mad, Cause I'm Right" draws influence from a variety of genres, highlighting the versatility of Mattie and his GLD partner-in-crime, Jake. A rolling snare gives the impression that a nasty 808 is coming soon before quickly changing course, introducing atmospheric, fluttering chords that lean into pop sensibilities. The end result is a dance-able tearjerker, which you can listen to in full below.