Bass music duo GLD have stampeded their way into Carnage's Heavyweight Records with their new single "Judgement Day," a mammoth hybrid trap tune for all the bass heads out there. 

Brilliantly juxtaposing cathedral elements with nasty bass patches, "Judgement Day" is a rip-roaring blend of trap and dubstep. Metallic, frenetic synths run roughshod through its drops, which are forward-thinking in their sound design and arpeggiation. GLD also did a fantastic job thematically, producing a litany of orchestral components that shrewdly harken back to its title.

Dunking the arrangement into a dubstep batter with saturated kicks and beautifully syncopated saw leads, the Connecticut tandem concocts a festival-ready thumper that should be a hit with DJs looking to throw down live streams that aren't for the faint of heart. With its church organs and eerie drones, "Judgement Day" is a quirky yet heavy-hitting single that should open up a new lane of admirers for GLD.


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