Good Times Ahead (real names Julio Mejia and Matthew Toth) have partnered with Noizekid and Juan Por Dios for "Malvada," out via their Good Times / Bad Times imprint.

"Malvada" is classic moombahton from Mejia and Toth and is in Noizekid's area of expertise. Leading with an incredibly catchy melody, Jaun Por Dios' vocal guides listeners smoothly into each drop. While Mejia and Toth are known for their diverse discography, "Malvada" is certainly one towards which longtime listeners will gravitate.

Mejia and Toth's career has been incredibly prolific; they’ve released a number of unforgettable and diverse tunes such as "Intoxicated," "Red Lips," and "Talkin' Bout." Their recent releases are just as impactful, as this year alone they've released their long-awaited track "Break Your Neck (Pt. 2 VIP)," "FK IT," and "Work It Out." The duo recently launched their own label, Good Times / Bad Times.

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