Grace Gracie may not be an artist you hear about regularly, but trust us, you will soon. As one of the most impressive heat seekers in the EDM world, the Las Vegas native has proven herself to have a dynamite one-two punch. Her latest single, "Not Enough," doubles down on her reputation, as the tune is perfect for main stages during this coming festival season. 

Subtle keys acquaint listeners with the song before her emphatic vocals come in. At that point, she wastes no time diving headfirst into a pool of infectiously danceable sound filled with her signature verses, precisely chopped samples, and a truly addicting bass line.

She's no stranger to high-profile releases as shortly before the new year, she released her stunning collaboration with Karra, "The Other Side." Prior to that, her summertime single, "Feel My Love," earned her a spot on Apple Music's Breaking Dance chart. 

It's not often that an artist can come up with both stunning vocals and impressive production, but Grace Gracie is quickly setting the bar. With a string of successful releases in her pocket, you won't be surprised when you see her on the biggest stages in the world very soon.

"Not Enough" by Grace Gracie is out now on Oracle Music Group. You can download or stream the new single here

Cover art for Grace Gracie's single, "Not Enough."