One of the most mysterious and highly talked about figures in electronic music - GRAVEDGR - has emerged from the shadows to unleash his debut album, 6 FEET UNDER. The 14-track LP is packed to the brim with the rave-influenced hard trap sounds that the masked mortician has made his signature, sending us all to a most untimely grave.

The album, out now via Carnage’s Heavyweight Records, features a smattering of familiar favorites including the smash hit “RAMPAGE,” which put GRAVEDGR on the map in 2018. Dealing a lethal dose of nightmarish collaborations and boundary-shattering genre crossovers, the entire body of work hits like a shovel to the face and solidifies his rampant and ruthless reputation.

Looking at his attire, it doesn’t take much to conclude how GRAVEDGR got his name. However, there is much more to the story than the jet-black face mask, cloak, and bucket hat fans have come to fear and revere. As fate would have it, the deadly disc-jockey had the grave digging lifestyle thrust upon him in his adolescence when he worked in a graveyard with his father. Unearthing the final resting places for the dearly departed led to the inimitable aesthetic of the GRAVEDGR brand as we know it, oozing with authenticity and bloodlust in its ever fibre.


Stream or download GRAVEDGR's 6 FEET UNDER LP.

GRAVEDGR’s 6 FEET UNDER Tour is officially underway in the U.S. Check the dates below to see when he’s coming to a cemetery near you:

Feb 21 - Green Door - El Paso, TX
Feb 25 - The Marc - San Marcos, TX
Feb 26 - Soundcheck - Washington, DC
Feb 27 - Trio - Charleston, SC
Feb 28 - Believe Music Hall - Atlanta, GA
Mar 06 - DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA
Apr 23 - Stereo Live - Houston, TX
Apr 25 - Skyway Theatre - Minneapolis, MN
Jul 03 - Kristalpark - Lommel, BE




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