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Herobust’s taste for riddim and pun-loving song titles - Move Mint, Heavy Meddle, Just Dawn Hue, the list goes on - continues on his latest original.

The song highlights Herobust’s impeccable sound design and his seamless ability to dominate any genre he sets his mind to. He’s known for his distinct trap sound, but now, he’s proving himself to be a formidable force in dubstep. “Giant Squiddim” featuring Monxx and “First Person Shooter” are two recent songs that highlight his dubstep prowess, and it looks like they are just the first of many to come.

“Debt 'N Eight”, today’s release, is an explosive track that draws huge influence from the recent rising trend of riddim - a minimal sub-genre of dubstep focused on simple heavy sounds. While the track overall isn’t riddim in it’s truest form, the wonky soundscape falls well within riddim territory.

The track begins with a bomb detonation countdown, marked by crisp glitchy sounds, before building into a monstrous drop. Here’s where Herobust’s talent shines. The drop is gritty and relentless, with segments that dive into screeching, fierce bursts of bass.

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The bass, and overall production, is signature Herobust. It’s exciting to see him take his sounds and use them for wonky dubstep, and fans are sure to be pleased.

Stream below:

Also, here’s what Herobust had to say about the track:

"So heavy... So wonky... I tried to put my spin on riddim and this is just what came out. Debt ‘N Eight (detonate) is one of my favorite new tracks! - Hayden (Herobust)"



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