If you haven't gotten your fix of four-on-the-floor flavor yet in 2019, House Party Records has a three-tracker with your name on it. The Las Vegas, Nevada record label has released an EP titled Sapphire Selects featuring songs by some of house music's freshest talent.

The first track on the EP is "Flexin" by Just Me, a G house tune with a gritty bass line and danceable percussion. Next on the list is Sacha DMB and Andy D's "Trigger" featuring Koba and Valeuu, whose vocal refrain takes little space in the catchy arrangement. "Carnival" by Dirty Signal and Scarman closes out the EP with main stage-friendly horns that distinguish it from the aforementioned singles.

House Party Records was founded in 2014 by Las Vegas DJ/producers Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf. Fast forward five years, and the imprint has provided a platform for artists from across the globe.

Sapphire Selects is out now on House Party Records. Download the EP via Beatport here.

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