Mississippi DJ/producer Hyphee (real name Walter Pennington) has been hard at work in the studio producing some of the most forward-thinking trap music in recent years. Now, he's teamed up with fellow producer Turbulentz (real name Justin Buckalew) for a new single called "Tenxion."

The aptly titled "Tenxion" builds suspense with a hip-hop influenced introduction, complete with chopped and screwed rap verses as the 808 snares begin rattling into an energetic buildup. When the drop hits, all hell breaks loose as an intense, stuttering synth stimulates the eardrums. 

Clever sound design and relentless percussion power the main sections of "Tenxion." Hyphee and Turbulentz draw influence from hip-hop, dubstep, and even juke. They merge the three for an innovative soundscape that's inventive and novel, but still very much at home within the realm of trap music in 2020. 

Pennington recently performed at Republic in New Orleans alongside Party Favor on the Layers Envisioned Tour. Buckalew is fresh off of a new single titled "Rage," and he recently collaborated with Hyphee on another single, "Light Up." The duo have previously collaborated on other releases as well.

"Tenxion" is available now via Nectar Collective and can be found at this link


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