Mom N Dad has stepped away from their deep, dark, and dirty midtempo sound to give fans a fresh remix of Iggy T and The Crazymakers' "Cake" to celebrate Pride Month.

"Cake" is lauded as a bisexual anthem and the Denver-based duo has done the track justice with their rendition. "While around the country, we are seeing Gay Prides being canceled left and right, the band still has hopes that digital prides and other LGBTQ+ organizations will find our song 'Cake' an uplifting and empowering bisexual anthem, since the B is generally left out of the conversation either due to erasure or misunderstanding of what it means to be bisexual,” said Iggy T and The Crazymakers lead singer Sarah Todd.

Mom N Dad have transformed the soulful original into an unpredictable house charmer. Enthralling listeners with deep house plucks in the first drop, the second drop may take most by surprise with its glitchy twist on the original vocals. While their remix of "Cake" differs greatly from the rest of their offerings this year, the tune will surely appeal to fans as it maintains elements of their unique, gritty sound.

To further celebrate Pride, Iggy T and The Crazymakers are allowing any digital pride event to use Mom N Dad's remix of "Cake" free of charge.