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Get ready to get into your feels with Mikey Pennington A.K.A. JACKAL's newest single, "In Love With Nobody," released via Lowly Palace. It's a new twist to Pennington's traditional production as it captures a nostalgic sense of despair. 

The U.K.-born and L.A.-based artist decided to take his usual sound for a more futuristic and mellow bass spin. The intro smoothly transitions to the song's goosebump-inducing future bass drop. 

After coming out of hiatus, Pennington appears to have taken a new direction with his sound. Driven by his passion as an artist, he moved to L.A. following the debut of his 2013 single "Shakedown." Having such courage and desire to achieve great things has led to his music finding a home on labels like OWSLA, Buygore, and Mad Decent. Pennington's performances are diverse but he remains under the bass music umbrella. 

Breaking down the walls of limitation, JACKAL's latest single and those to come will reflect a different side of him. 


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