Italian producer INAUDI is here to brighten up our days with a beautiful new track, "Save Me" featuring the vocals of Ali Star. The melodic emotions flow out from the get-go with this one and make it an overall impressive debut for the freshman artist. It is out now on's partner label, Indie Select

The track opens with a nice acoustic guitar riff as Star's soothing vocals enter in. As the song develops, we get into a smooth, chill tempo future bass drop. It's a great display of instrumental synergy with the mix of acoustic and muted synth chords. 

"Save Me" by INAUDI featuring Ali Star is out now via Indie Select. Stream or download it across platforms here.




Artwork for the song "Lies" featuring Eighth by ADGRMS and Jackswan via Indie Select.

ADGRMS and Jackswan Team Up on Largely Instrumental "Lies" ft. Eighth

This is the second time ADGRMS and Jackswan have teamed up on an Indie Select release.