In an increasingly complicated and impersonal society, what does it mean to be intimate with one another? This was one of the main questions posed by London house producer jackLNDN while creating his latest EP, Deeper, out today.

Since emerging in 2010, singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist jackLNDN has been a standout amongst critics like Insomniac, who deemed him the new face of house music for his blend of silky, smooth vocals and jazz-inspired deep house production. He’s graced the stage of festivals like TomorrowWorld, Electric Forest, and Lightning in a Bottle, and since uprooting from the UK for Denver he's remained a regular draw at clubs around the world. Deeper follows his 2019 album release, Thoughts, which similarly dove into themes of connection and intimacy.

On Deeper, jackLNDN explores an electronically-driven, wispy vibe while talking out themes of emotions and connectivity. The title track kickstarts the project with a peppy, warm rhythm reminiscent of a Sade song. Rather than gliding through the same BPM throughout, the project morphs with different beats and paces to convey different emotions. “Physical” opts for an almost lo-fi, soulful take on progressive house, while “Twisted” offers up an eclectic, disco-infused groove.

Through his sultry synths and melodies, jackLNDN has created an inviting atmosphere and mood with Deeper. In the contemporary world of electronic music, where crossover alt-electronic acts continues to ascend in popularity, jackLNDN is positioning himself for big things.

You can download and stream jackLNDN's Deeper on your favorite platform here.