If you haven't had the opportunity to party with the iconic purple Jaenga Bus - which has been graced by the likes of Griz, Slushii, Space JesusProtohype, and more - Jaenga's new video for "Never Gonna" is your chance. Fresh off his first release with Deadbeats, Toulambi, this elegant drum and bass track swaggers in with deep bass lines and disco-styled vocals in perfect harmony. 

While most festival stages are custom built, the Jaenga Bus rolls up ready to go with a renegade vibe that encourages collaboration between artists. The intimate setting the bus creates by connecting artist and audience in close quarters takes sets to the next level. "Never Gonna" encapsulates the transformation the bus and artist have taken, complete with quintessential Brooklyn, New York scenery.  

The Jaenga Bus at Camp Bisco 2018

The Jaenga Bus at Camp Bisco 2018

"It’s been an insane trip so far, I’m excited in 2019 to share this movement," said Jaenga of the project. "It’s stronger than I’ve ever seen."

We'll be keeping an eye on Jaenga in 2019, and be on the lookout for his new track with Honeycomb coming out soon.


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