Aiming to keep his fans on their toes, pop singer/songwriter Jake Miller flexes his production skills in his latest dance-pop song, "NERVOUS." 

Miller's second summer release may start off slow and easygoing much like his other love-related pop songs, but the electrifying drop does more than give this song its dance music sound. It shockingly brings to music form the buzz and tingly feeling of nervousness. 

Collaborating with up-and coming-DJ Tomos, Miller told that the 17-year-old producer actually sent him a folder of beats before they even met. He was so blown away by the production he immediately started writing to the instrumental.

Having just moved to New York City at the time, Miller continued to tell us that "NERVOUS" was the first song he made there, so naturally it was about the city that never sleeps. However, as he continued to delve into it, he decided he wanted it to be about "someone that just makes you feel nervous, but in a good way." Inspired by a girl Miller met recently who actually makes him genuinely nervous, the song transformed into something personal, yet relatable to everyone who's ever liked someone or been in a relationship.

He said, "At first the song was called 'Kiss You Again.' The hook was, 'I refuse to believe that I won't ever get to kiss you again,' with a completely different melody and concept. But I wanted this song to feel a little more happy and sexy rather than sad."

As for the production, "NERVOUS" and this year's other releases has been something Miller has been working towards since 2017 when he set out to learn how to produce his own music. On this adventure that ultimately led him to feel more like himself with his self-made music, he reminisced:

"I went to Guitar Center and bought thousands of dollars' worth of equipment that I didn’t know how to use like a grand piano and saxophone. Then, I stayed in my apartment and watched thousands of hours of YouTube tutorials. I wanted to download as much info into my brain as possible, so I didn't need anybody else going forward. That set the stage for me."

Now signed to Sony's RED MUSIC, Miller has been able to show off all of his training with his five summer releases and 2019 debut EP for the label, BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Although "NERVOUS" is the most dance-pop out of all of those, the dance music genre is something he might explore more in the future. Miller told us that, for him, every song is different, but that’s what makes it special. "I just want to keep surprising my fans and listeners," he continued. "You never know what you're going to hear from me next."

Earlier this year, he was featured in LZRD's heart-wrenching hybrid progressive house track, "Anything Anymore." In the future, Miller said he would love to collaborate with Zedd, R3HAB, and The Chainsmokers because he feels like they consistently push the boundaries with their music.

In the fall, Miller will be supporting Hoodie Allen on his Whatever USA Tour. You can buy tickets here.

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