Bass music fans have much to rejoice over today. In addition to Bassnectar dropping his "SOUND IN MOTION" mixtape, acclaimed bass acts Jantsen and Mersiv have finally debuted their highly anticipated collab, "Get Crazy."

Over the course of the last few years, the Wakaan label has established itself as a celebrated and respected musical imprint. Today's release adds to that pedigree by featuring two of the most talked about dubstep acts around.

Mersiv has been an undeniable force since beginning his "Mersiv Sound Project" in 2015. In the past two years, he's played major festivals, like Coachella and the inaugural Wakaan Music Festival. His "dark-loud" style, which fuses old-school dubstep and more modern alt-bass influences, has drawn in listeners from all over.

Jantsen first popped up back in 2012, earning collaborations with Bassnectar and Dirt Monkey, among other notable bass music acts, for his high energy take on dubstep. After several years of focusing on his personal life, he's been on a recent tear, releasing new tracks and mixes and appearing on tour with acts like Ganja White Night.

"Get Crazy" kicks off with an arcade-like siren and synthetically-generated bounce, which immediately calls to mind Jantsen's style. As the track builds and progresses, the soundscape begins to warp into a heavier, darker soundscape. The drop, which hits at 1:18, fuses the best of the two producers together, maintaining the bouncy dubstep of Jantsen and weird, grating bass that can only be credited to Mersiv's production.

While fans have been waiting for this one for a minute, today's release gives an official, widespread cosign for this track to continue shaking dance floors.







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