Fans of the bass house pioneer, JAUZ, have a lot to be excited about. On Twitter, he revealed that he has not one, but three EPs in the works and that they're almost finished. While that in and of itself is noteworthy enough, he further revealed that each of the three is a different genre. 

Featuring one house EP, one drum & bass EP, and one melodic/future bass EP, JAUZ (real name Sam Vogel) will putting his versatility on full display. Seeing as he made a name for himself by blending bass and house music together in such a way that appealed to the masses, fans should expect high-quality releases in the new genres. 

The new EPs will follow his January release, Dangerous Waters. Together with artists like TYNAN and Franky Nuts, his first EP of the new year featured four collaborations and one solo effort.

At the time of writing, JAUZ has not announced an official release date for his house, drum & bass, or melodic/future EPs.

H/T: Your EDM