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It was only a matter of time before Jauz and TYNAN teamed up on a single. Each artist has a penchant for crispy bass wobbles and four-on-the-floor dance floor weapons alike, and their styles have converged on a song titled "Bring Em Back." It's out now via Bite This!.

Leading with siren samples a la Kill Bill, "Bring Em Back" wastes little time raising the energy. Garage-esque bass and glitchy sound effects keep the song current with tangents that have taken hold in the bass house of today, but without sacrificing the track's utility as a DJ tool.

Jauz (real name Sam Vogel) offered up the bass house blueprint with his 2014 hit single, "Feel The Volume." Although TYNAN (real name Kevin Hickey) is perhaps best known as a dubstep act, he's no stranger to the danceable genre fusion himself. 

Stream or download "Bring Em Back" by Jauz and TYNAN via Bite This! across platforms here.


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