If you're looking for a song to transport you to a sun-filled day party, look no further than "Both Of Us," the new feel-good house track from Canadian DJ and producer Jayda G. The single comes with the announcement of a new EP titled Both Of Us/Are U Down, due to be released on July 3rd via Ninja Tune.

The sounds on "Both Of Us" are bright, airy, and carry an undeniably catchy beat. It's as if you can feel the smile on her face through the track's piano chord progression. To further seal in the song's good energy, Jayda G also delivered a spirited official video featuring an array of shots taken from her home, where she overlays clips of her in mother nature with recordings of her performing in a bustling nightclub. The imagery is a great depiction of how we should all be living right now, absorbing this newfound time we have to appreciate the world we live in while we wait until we can get back into those sweaty rooms to dance the night away. 

“I wanted to make a happy house song,” Jayda G explained. “The uplifting vocal, the slow breakdown, the release, those are a key part of so many of those classic house tracks I’ve found through digging over the years, and I really wanted to emulate the feeling I get from those.”

The road to Jayda G's Both Of Us/Are U Down EP was marked by some hesitancy due to our current global crisis. She debated whether now was an appropriate time considering the pandemic's negative affect on mental health. “Things can feel really fucking depressing at the moment,” she continued. “But the amount of messages I’ve been getting about the track, even during lockdown when people are unable to even be in clubs or at festivals, that really convinced me that now was the right time.”

Both Of Us/Are U Down is Jayda G's first release since her 2019 debut album Significant Changes. Since then, she has developed a loyal following who appreciate her take on house, soul, and disco. She also had the industry talking back in 2017 when she played Amsterdam's Dekmantel festival before her set was released through Boiler Room, garnering over 760,000 views on YouTube.


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