Last April, veteran DJ and producer John Digweed took his audience on a symphonic journey with Quattro. The four-disc compilation found the British mainstay gaining mass accolades for the production. Nearly a year later, Digweed's musical inclinations have led him to create a follow-up, aptly titled Quattro II.

Like its predecessor, Quattro II finds Digweed showcasing a wide roster of talented artists, and gives a spotlight to Robert Babicz, who produced the fourth and final album in the series. The project also borrows from its prototype by keeping the same titles of each unique mix: Soundscape, Tempo, Redux, and Juxtaposition. 

Soundscape embodies the euphoric emotions that lie within music. Here we come in contact with cinematic synths, hypnotic sonic waves, acid wobbles, emotive sequences, and haunting vocals. Artists lending their talents on this mix include Coloursound, Josh WinkDave Walker, and Quivver.

In Tempo, the ambient textures fade giving way to hypnotic grooves and melodic vibes. The 13 tracks found on Tempo push the envelope with driving acid and atmospheric breaks by the likes of Jim Rivers, Acid Rockers, and Blaktone & Florian Kruse. Acting as an opening act before the main event, Tempo seamlessly transitions into the third disc.

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As the main event, Redux makes the body yearn for the dance-floor. Pulsating club beats eventually give way to the late-hour comedown of feel-good house, nu school breaks, and future grooves. It is here where we find Digweed in his element, providing his talents in five of the 12 cuts on Redux. Alongside Digweed are Stelios Vassiloudis, Nick Muir, and Guy Mantzur & Khen.

Finally, Juxtaposition shines a light on Digweed's longtime friend, Babciz. The German audio engineering master saves his best for last, curating 12 original tracks for Juxtaposition. The original work blends ambient textures with futuristic electronica, perfectly encapsulating the symphonic journey that is Quattro II.

John Digweed's Quattro II is out now. You can purchase the compilation here and listen below. 




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