With quarantine weighing heavy on all of our minds, it's important to unplug, relax, and find calmness in times like these. Jon Hopkins is here to aid you in this path to serenity with his new 20-minute composition titled "Singing Bowl (Ascension)," which he features on his 24-hour meditation playlist Jon Hopkins: Quiet. Crank up those chakras with the Grammy-nominated artist and transcend all the chaos. 

“Like so many people I felt pretty paralyzed by this situation when it first unfolded," said Hopkins. "All my plans for the year were canceled, and everything felt so weird and dreamlike. But gradually I found I wanted to create something - to find peace and perspective through making music, as I have always done."

The producer's aim with this composition is to aid listeners in a deep state of meditation through a lush, ambient soundscape of spiritual and atmospheric tones. To create the beautiful piece, Hopkins enlisted the help of a 100-year-old singing bowl he obtained while traveling in Dehli. Through this device, he created a mix of one-of-a-kind vibrations bouncing from ear to ear, engulfing the listener in rich, deep sounds that soothe the soul. 

Hopkins has never been shy in expressing the role meditation and psychedelics have played in his creative process. In a May 2018 interview with Mixmag, he opened up about how beneficial tripping can be when discovering new ideas. “You have a strong trip that’s guided by people who are experienced in doing that," he said. "Ideas for music came flying into my head. The universe disappears, you’re greeted by these extraordinary beings, and it’s all pretty fucking far out.”

In a way to further help out his audience, he's made his 24-hour meditation playlist available to the public. It's a collection of ambient music he loves from an array of different artists that he uses during his own meditations and psychedelic journeys. 


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