Following his debut single “nocturnal animals,” justlikeu has returned with an electrifying and deeply emotional sophomore release, “electricity.”

Inspired by the profound range of human emotion, justlikeu has taken it upon himself to capture and embody a distinct element of the human experience with each and every release. A captivating odyssey through downtempo bass, scintillating melodies, and hypnotic vocals, “electricity” paints a scene of euphoric energy, a surge of adrenaline and a tinge of bittersweet hope.

Explaining how his musical experiment came to be, justlikeu said,

"I realized we all go through ups and downs, feel the highest highs and the lowest lows, have weird thoughts of self-doubt and wake up after partying all night and feel sad. That's why this project is named 'justlikeu,' to try and remove the hands in the air DJ hype and embody the human experience.”

In a generation addicted to the blue-light glare of device screens, on-demand serotonin rushes, and the instant-gratification of social media fame, justlikeu is an artist with a singular mission: channel emotions through music in such a way as to make us realize that we have far more similarities than differences. Recognizing both the positive and negative elements of human nature, his musical embodiment of everything from power to joy and sadness are masterpieces in their ability to evoke a nostalgic and cathartic experience from even the most closed of hearts.

If exploring the full extent of the human experience through profound audio explorations appeals to you, justlikeu’s journey through expression and expectation is something you’d be remiss to miss out on!