It's time to revisit the after-school arcade hall, because Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) might be making a comeback this festival season. 

Featured on the latest music video from Kantor, an artist new to the electronic scene, the game is reimagined into a custom MIDI Launchpad. Using four custom DDR pads, Kantor dances around to trigger sounds and create the song, "Concrete Jungle," as a 3D projector provides live visuals on the DJ's footsteps. 

The creative, technology-intensive music video is right up Kantor's ally, as he was the inaugural Dance Dance Revolution World Champion when he was 14. Now producing music, Kantor has transformed his rhythm-savvy roots into a sound mixing techno, bass and futuristic synths. "Concrete Jungle," released independently, is high energy and dynamic, acting as the perfect soundtrack for a music video that will make you sweat just watching it. 

The majority of Kantor's catalogue was released under another alias, providing him opportunities to tour alongside Steve Aoki and Kendrick Lamar. His new project's debut single, "Enter the Grid," was released in January with an equally tech heavy music video and - wait for it - a DDR feature.