Texas producer KATRIX has just released his new three-track release, the Mythos EP. It's the first release for the new decade on Recall Records, and KATRIX (real name Sean McCurtain) spared no amount of heaviness to get things started in 2020. 

With a mythological theme, McCurtain paints pictures of the gods of different cultures like the ancient Egyptians and the Norse on the Mythos EP. The opener, "Legends," begins with the narrator telling the listener "a story." Riddled throughout are screeching, metallic bass synths and hard-hitting drums that rope the listener right in.

Continuing the tales of the Mythos EP is the second track, "Anubis," named for the Egyptian god of death and the afterlife. KATRIX's heavy sounds do not relent on "Anubis," continuing the narrative from the first track. Though the breakdowns take a more melodic approach, the drops hit just as hard as they do on "Legends."

That trend also continues on "Loki," rounding out the EP with the Norse god of mischief. Mythos' narrator speaks as Loki on the track, as a cinematic and epic buildup leads into perhaps the heaviest glitched-out drop on the release. Riddim-tinged with hefty drum fills, the closer track is a satisfying end to the tale, but it will leave listeners wanting more. 

KATRIX's Mythos EP is available now via Recall Records and can be found here


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