KDrew and Indiginis just premiered a brand new music video for their collaborative single 'Never Gonna Wait'. 

The video’s bright colors and glowing light effects contrast its gritty industrial setting and beautifully compliment the track. ‘Never Gonna Wait’ features an enchanting mix of KDrew’s edgy sound design and Indignis’ vibrant jazz-inspired groove. 

The video provides a surreal visual backdrop to the track’s already mesmerizing soundscape, beckoning you with each scintillating sound and keyboard slide to fall in even deeper. 

“Never Gonna Wait” was a true labor of love that I feel perfectly embodies my style as well as Indiginis’. It was so much fun fusing their jazz/funk vibe with my glitchy dub/electro side. When we started the record I don’t think we had the intentions of creating what we did. Actually, if I played you previous versions of the track you’d be surprised on how we ended up with what we have today. The whole experience was something I’ll never forget and I’m grateful to have made some really good friends in the process. It’s such a win when you can come out of a collaboration with an awesome track but an even greater friendship than when you went into it. I hope the world enjoys this one as much as we do!" - KDrew

Check out the premiere of the 'Never Gonna Wait' music video here: