Florida-based duo King Complex have been cultivating a unique blend of pop-rock and electronic music to create some impressively upfront dance tunes. Now, ASHER, SIPZ, and HVYW8 have all teamed up to remix the duo's track, "Pulling Strings,” and pull those sounds even further into the future. 

The new collaborative effort on the King Complex remix is a truly impressive blend of future bass and trap elements that merge for a completely unique take on the single. ASHER, SIPZ, and HVYW8 have pulled out all the stops, fusing metallic, reverberating synth work that ebbs and flows over the punchy, trap-oriented drum work. Vocal samples are pitch shifted, vocoded, and chopped up to bring even more melody and make the remix flow in an enticing and energetic direction.

While the original "Pulling Strings" is perhaps more influenced by electronic rock acts like LCD Soundsystem or Does It Offend You, Yeah? - and effective in bringing a great vibe in that vein - ASHER, SIPZ, and HVYW8 have taken the track into the future with their fresh and forward-thinking remix. 

"Future bass" is a good start at describing the new work from this trio, but it's not enough to fully encompass the elements they've brought together. "Future, future bass," perhaps?

"Pulling Strings" (ASHER x SIPZ x HVYW8 Remix) is out now and available at this link.


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