Not only is KLOUD a brand new artist project, he's also a visual storyteller.

Presented by Trap Nation, KLOUD is the newest artist to the roster and he's been changing things up by revealing his artist project and music piece by piece since February. And to top it all off, each song is a different chapter to the five part story he's telling.

Accompanied respectively by five videos released on Trap Nation's YouTube channel, the story reveals a dark futuristic universe in which our enigmatic protagonist resides in. 

Chapter I - Promises

The first video seems more of a lyric video, however the lyrics are written in code as if something is being programmed and then accessed. And that something seems like KLOUD itself, which is very fitting for the project's first release. 

Chapter II - Dark Down Below

Picking up in the server room from the previous video, we're finally introduced to this dark futuristic world that is prone to thunderstorms. We find out that all of this coding and programming is taking place at the KLOUD Headquarters, which is at the center of the city. 

Chapter III - In For The Kill

In this next video chapter, something dark is going down at KLOUD Headquarters, but we don't exactly know what. It could be something that could destroy the whole city and kill lots of people or it could be the creation of something or someone with all this KLOUD coding being programmed into them. Who knows, maybe it’s even both! Though, it almost sounds like a Frankensteinian story in the making. 

Chapter IV - Satisfied 

There's not much to this penultimate video chapter, but tying in the lyrics  with our journey through this tech-like tunnel, it seems like the creator of KLOUD is finished with his project and is ready to take it to the next level, which could possibly mean unleashing whatever he has planned or making his creation come to life. It's definitely the calm before the storm. 

Chapter V - Burn Me

And for the video chapter we've all been waiting for, everything is going down: the lab in KLOUD Headquarters is working double time to program all that KLOUD coding into this sick looking robot and the thunderstorm is raging like never before striking buildings, including the headquarters, and setting them on fire. With everything that goes wrong, this robot comes out of it intact and tells us that it's name is KLOUD.

With the conclusion of this five chapter story, it leaves us wondering what will happen to KLOUD next and if the whole city is in fact destroyed. And despite knowing now that KLOUD is a robot, we're also still left with the biggest mystery of it all: who is the artist behind this music and visual project?

Well, we'll just have to wait to find out. 

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