EDM mega hit "Save The World" by Swedish House Mafia gets a phenomenal reimagining from rapidly rising artist KLOUD.

Who is KLOUD? As of yet, we have no further information as to the identity of this exciting new artist so we’re left with only the insights that can be gleaned from his music. Thus far, KLOUD has taken the industry by storm with a series of massive remixes for the likes of Porter Robinson, Illenium, San Holo and now Swedish House Mafia.

As an homage to the reunion of iconic trio, KLOUD has crafted his own reimagining of the classic dance hit, “Save the World.” Comprised of eerie synths, vibrating melodies, and pulsating chord patterns, KLOUD's latest heavy hitter builds into a set of hauntingly intense drops that lure listeners into his futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired reality.

To accompany this release, KLOUD has also put together an awesome music video that gives us further insight into the man behind the helmet. Even though we can only see a digitized version of KLOUD in the video, the rich textures and flashing background lights evoke a surreal, haunting vibe. Designed to emphasize the very dark and avant-garde aesthetic for which KLOUD has become known, “Save The World” takes us deep into a computerized rabbit hole with no end in sight.

ABOUT: KLOUD, n /kloūd/ -- the infinite network of intelligence, or data, collected and processed to secure local servers on the Internet; primarily used to create a feeling of artificial social well-being.


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