Though his recently released EP, Collections, marks Kwon’s first official solo effort, the L.A.-based artist has been creating behind the scenes for some time now, being Whethan’s former audio engineer. So far he has also amassed over 2 million streams across all platforms from his remixes alone, including reworks of artists from Hotel Garuda and Jai Wolf to Post Malone and Thutmose.

Having taken his time to deliver a project that effectively displays his creativity and passion, Kwon (real name Justin Kwon) has hit the mark with Collections. It has been released via Moving Castle - a record label and collective founded by AO Beats, Hunt for the Breeze, Manila Killa and Robokid - and it is a stunning, six-track effort.

Leading single “Smith,” a collaboration with fellow talents Manila Killa and Ramzoid, immediately hooks the listener into Kwon’s bright world. Previously released singles “Ju81y” and “I(my Head)n” add much to the tracklist, driven by trap percussion and bright sound design, while the distorted bass and weird effects in “Oceanside” close off the EP on a strong note.

“The EP is titled Collections. It was what came naturally to me when creating and has been something I subconsciously needed to make” explained Kwon of the EP. “I struggled a lot with ‘finding a sound’ alongside every other producer, trying to follow trends, and simply just being content with my music. One day I just decided to stop caring about all that and that’s when it clicked. The whole EP came together in about five or six months besides one track, “770 twin,” which was made in late 2018.”

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