For his latest track, R3HAB teamed up with the international pop sensation LAY for a remix of his single "BOOM" off of his record-breaking album, LIT. Unlike many pop remixes, LAY himself was a part of the production process and co-wrote the song with a number of collaborators.

Combining the bilingual vocals from the original with R3HAB's mainstage sound creates a feel-good progressive house tune perfect for those late-summer days at the beach. Citing influence from reggaeton and Latin music, the duo's collaborative remix sees both artists create an infectious amalgam that's accessible to fans of nearly any genre.

"I really enjoyed collaborating with R3HAB on this occasion and we really just tried to have fun with it," LAY told "We were both in different time zones, but we made it work! I think that R3HAB has given ‘BOOM’ a different flavor that is full of energy! We really hope that our fans will enjoy it and can dance to it!"

Also speaking about the new remix, R3HAB shared his excitement for working with an artist of LAY's caliber and explained how the remix was a way for him to push his art to the limit. "I see the collaboration with LAY as an opportunity to push my artistic boundaries, who is also involved and interested in pushing his own, which I find very inspiring," he exulted. "At the end of the day we are exposing two musical genres that would traditionally not have been combined. It's also not every day that you get the chance to collaborate with talented artists like LAY."

LAY and R3HAB's remix of "BOOM" is out now via Sony Music. You can download and stream the international collaboration here.