A soaring future bass instrumental with a catchy hook and laid-back future-pop/alternative R&B vocals is the name of the game with Linko and Lion Goodwin's new single "Don't Do Love" on Elixir Records.

While little information is available on the talented young producer Linko, it's clear from his regular support by leading industry curators like Trap Nation and Trap City that this young gun has a great deal of potential. "Don't Do Love" is a great indicator of the direction Linko is taking his sound, and we're looking forward to hearing more from him as he hones in on his musical vision.

Lion Goodwin Press Photo w/ Nipsey Hussle Street Art

Líon Goodwin, on the other hand, is a self-taught producer, guitarist, and keyboardist, as well as a singer and songwriter. His multi-faceted musical approach, along with his urban-tinged pop/R&B vocals make Goodwin a perfect fit for this commercial and widely appealing lane of electronic music. 

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