Liquid Stranger Takes Us On a Familiar Journey with New EP, Polarity

Liquid Stranger releases new EP debuting six all-new tracks and a myriad of collaborations.
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At the ripe age of 39, Swedish-born experimental dubstep Guru Liquid Stranger (real name Martin Stääf) proves once again that you don’t need to be a young gun to formulate music that gets the masses moving. Coming off the success of his most recent EP, Weird and Wonderful, Stääf brings the heat once again with an all-new six-track EP titled Polarity - and he wasn’t afraid to bring in some friends to help facilitate a remarkable listening experience.

After a packed festival season headlining almost every noteworthy event you can imagine, Stääf put the time in at the studio to curate an EP that’s both extremely listenable as well fun for OG EDM fanatics and newcomers alike. He's no stranger to producing out-there and obscure tunes, and this EP is a testament to exactly that.

The album starts with “Meteor Ride,” a more ambient track that can best be described as whimsical and calming. It’s the kind of track that most would overlook and sleep on when the entirety of an EP is released, only because it’s not the typical, grimy banger that fellow DJs would be quick to load up on a USB and play out for a crowd. The song itself would pair well with a nice winter drive; it definitely adds to the moment but doesn’t take away from anything by being too heavy.

Another nod we have to give on the EP is to the track “Saturn Cruiser” with a feature from Freddy Todd. again, not the typical, head-banging filth fest that you would be expect from Liquid Stranger, but structurally and melodically a gorgeous track in itself. Plugging in and tuning out to this track brings vibes from an older time when things were more simple. It’s groovy and has a funky sort of kick to it that is sure to get your next block party going in full swing.

Without a doubt, our favorite track on the album has to be “Creature” with a feature from Shlump. The the word that best describes this track, is “Wonky.” It puts your headphones and comprehension of music theory to the test. With deep reverberations and an almost echoic bass line, this track is sure to resonate loudly through the bass music community.

All in all, Liquid Stranger put in the time and effort to concoct an EP that highlights his true abilities as a producer without compromising his signature intergalactic sound. From what he has released in the past, he stays true to his roots while also putting out new experimental sounds that will reflect well on his discography.

Stream or download Polarity by Liquid Stranger across platforms here.

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