Last month, word broke that Bassnectar would be shining his bass lord light upon us with his eleventh studio album All Colors. As the title describes, he really went and gave his fans a full spectrum of beaming productions across the extensive 15-track album. All Colors expresses the beautiful mission that Bassnectar champions, showcasing the ideal that the bass music community embraces all nations and all colors. The basshead community is all about inclusivity. 

Bassnectar showcases this sense of inclusivity from start to finish, taking you on a sonic journey from his classic bass face-inducing hitters to more atmospheric tracks that sweep you away to dreamland. 

The adventure begins with "Interpret the Future," a gentle introduction that steadily engulfs the senses, making you feel as if you are slowly being pushed through the eye of a kaleidoscope. The pace then shifts with "Open Your Mind," Nectar's collaboration with YOOKIE, catapulting us deeper into the immersive bass experience he's created. If you've been to The Antarctic at Coachella, this whole album feels as if it could be an epic soundtrack to the 360° geodesic projection. 

As the tracklist moves forward, we get into the heavier songs, like the album's title track with Blakkamore and proceeding cuts like "Deep In the Jungle" with UFO!. Fans of his hip-hop crossovers will enjoy "Rewind the Track," featuring Ashel Seasunz, "Nice & Easy," featuring Rodney P, and "The Antidote," featuring longtime collaborator Zion I. He also delivers a standout remix of Apashe and Instasamka's “Uebok Gotta Run” and a special "Bassnectar Redux" of Michael Franti & Spearhead’s “Skin on the Drum.” He closes out with the euphoric "Optimism," ending the listeners' journey with a sense of hope and tranquility.