London's LJ Looper is on a mission to bring back the days when the pianists were the rock stars by infusing his training behind the keys with a big electronic sound. While there are myriad producers who started out with formal piano training, Looper has continued to keep the classical sound at the forefront of his productions. His debut EP, Nocturne, takes listeners on a journey through styles influenced by the likes of Beethoven, Mozart, Odesza, and Apashe

The EP features a beautiful mix of bold orchestration as well as  hard-hitting synths and drums. Each of the four tracks showcase an eerie collection of beats that feels like they would fit right at home in a haunting cathedral performance. The beauty of his work lies in the notion that you can visualize the passion he has behind the piano. The first two tracks are trap offerings, then he takes a brief interlude with the third song, which highlights his use of bright synths, before leading into the uptempo drum & bass single "Neon Kingdom."

LJ Looper's passion for music began during his classical training, and at the age of 15, he began his path into the world of DJing and music production. "For years I’ve been experimenting with ways to blend my two musical passions, piano, and electronic music," he said in a press release. "I wanted to craft a sound which truly captured the magic of classical performance and place it within genres where it wouldn't usually be heard. Hopefully, it will bring the two worlds together, introducing audiences to new sounds and taking them on a journey as enjoyable at home as in the club (whenever that may be again!)"

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LJ Looper Age 9

LJ Looper Age 9

Over his career, Looper's productions have received support from BBC Radio 1Xtra, CLASH, MOBO Awards, and the UK Grime Network, among others. 2015's "Beethoven" has reached over 750,000 plays on YouTube and also scored a major sync as the official soundtrack of a Subway TV campaign. You can get familiar with Looper and his body of work via the links below.





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