Lost Kings have been on a meteoric rise under the guidance of manager Enes Kolenovic, who also manages The Chainsmokers, and Disruptor Records. With “When We Were Young,” they created an emotional reflection on their childhood that they related to the likes of Peter Pan’s youthful “Neverland”.

This music video, directed by Kyle Cogan, is a well-done literal interpretation of the nostalgic emotion in “When We Were Young.” Full of VHS shots of rambunctious children, this video is sure to draw a smile as it brings to the surface the lost, blissful happiness of your youth.

"We really wanted to capture the nostalgic feeling of the song in the video by recreating some of our favorite memories of our childhood,” says the duo. “There is nothing better than being carefree, playing sports, getting lost in the woods and being a typical boy growing up. Plus who doesn’t remember their first crush."

If you’re looking for a boost in your day, this video is a must-see. It is sure to remind you of carefree, easygoing times. Support Lost Kings and go check out this video here